Saturday, July 17, 2010

something dat i cant say out loud bcoz im just a dark, sinned shadow..

people said if there's people hurting you, you just shut up n dont make urself lower 2 his/her level..but what if it's hurt you so damn much until u couldnt stand it anymore?? should u just shut up and watch n listen whatever they have said n done??

one mistake from u is enough 2 b hated by other people..but hundreds mistakes from other people towards u is ok, it fair??

this people want u 2 beg them 4 apologies..but how bout them??not even a word of sorry being heard..ooowh, it just because one mistake dat u made n they hate u, so u r so damn devil n they so white angels..

it is hard 2 is hard 2 forget..yeah, i know n i understand..but im also a human..same goes with u..u want me 2 respect u, but u treat me like im a frozen it fair??

if i speak up, u just ignore..if i keep quiet, u just dont get it enough 2 hurt me more n more..why??n why u pretend of being my friends if u hate me??it's hurt me even more if u just back-stabbing me silently bcoz i think u r my friends..i trust u..'s hard 4 me 2 speak up anything just bcoz i m d sinned one..not u..but please do listen..i m also a human who still have feelings..n yeah i m d sinned one but im trying 2 bout u??just keep talking bout religion things doesnt make u r d angel..n sorry 2 say, i've lost my respect towards u already..

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