Saturday, July 24, 2010

observation: a good husband from a lady's eyes.. (just some of the characteristics)

it's been a long time that i just made the draft but didnt post anything being hectic bcoz i start working..thank God i found a permanent job 4 this 1 n half year im here..but syesly, it is really hard..i swear, it's a very tough job..oowh..actually i got a job with optus, 1 of d telecommunication service in aussie..if malaysia, it's like digi kot..hehehe..

oowh..actually dis time i want 2 share smthg dat im observing in aussie..

it cant b denied that aussie men r so kind, romantic, understanding n gentlemen, especially as a husband and a father..y i said so??
1. if u walk at a park, beach, supermarket, or anywhere, u can c dat dis men holding their babies n kids instead of moms..they know they r stronger than d gentlemen n understanding..n d moms can shop the groceries..u know dat moms r d cooks in d house so they know wat 2 buy better than d men..m i right??so here we can see dat they r sharing d responsibilities..
2. i've worked with some families in Australia as a housekeeper or babysitter..wat i can see is while the moms doing their core houseworks/works (even some of them not), the dads will take care of the babies/kids..he will play with them at d backyard or bring them 2 d park..even some would say "dont disturb mommy..mommy's working" heart-melting..
3. 3 out of 4 families that i've been worked with, the dads r d ones who did the tuck-in-the-kids-on-the-bed thing..even they will read the bedtime stories to the kids..and 2 out of 3 the moms joining in, and one of them was hugging the baby girl while the dad reading the happy family style..and even the baby cry in the night, the husband will get up n heat the milk in the microwave 4 d baby..n this is a true story..i saw it with my own eyes..
4. the dads r so romantic with their children..they treat them with full of love and like their kids r princes/princesses, like their u just can imagine how they treat their wife..there's a scene where this girl was sulking with their parents..a tough time for her mom..then her dad came and try to soften her heart..and he did it!!he make her laugh..and her mom told me "ooowh..dis girl already stole my boyfriend and she is soo daddy's girl"

i didnt mean dat malaysian guys or other guys from other countries is!!!!it just, there have differences of the ways men treating their families in malaysia & aussie (other countries i dont know..never been there 2 observe) we might take the good things as the guidance and improve the not-good ones..

and i really hope my future husband can b like one of them (just the characters ok, didnt mean any aussie man ok..but if God's will, i just accept him with all my heart..hehehe)  :P

p/s 1: for any guys who read this..please think back..can u b like one of them??if yes, i can say dat all women r hoping 2 have a husband like, b proud if u r a romantic, understanding, kind, and gentleman..fill ur life with love, man!!!

p/s 2: when i told my mom about my stories n observation, mama said "that's ur abah" with a so proud that i have u as my dad..even mama proud of having u as her husband..wish i could have one like u as my future hubby.. :) see..a proof that a malaysian guy also can b understanding, kind, generous, romantic, n gentleman like can b happen anywhere, or whoever u r, or whenever u come from..

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