Sunday, July 25, 2010

mistakes made..lesson learnt..

in life there have so many choosing the choices, do you realize any decision made is actually the best just how we facing whatever will happen..even people always say "choose the best one"..but if we think back, actually all the choices are the best..why i said so??because even we choose the wrong one, we still get something valuable..WE STILL CAN LEARN..yes, learn from mistakes is actually a really good learning process..

regret we made the mistakes, but then we learn to not to do it next actually there's no regretting in making a bad decision..we can learn so much from our own mistakes..

and we didnt know what will happen next in our mistake might create a huge difference in our life..the most importantly is how we need to learn and overcome the mistake that been done..THINK POSITIVE is the first think that we need to do..

i've made mistakes before..and people hate me because of that..but i have learnt so many lessons after that..first thing is who you can trust..what kind of friends that will stand by you no matter what..those who can stand beside you and become the ones who give their hand to hold when you are afraid..those who help you when you fall, and didnt stop giving you encouragement for you to stand up back, even there's the time when you just want to give up life..those who still at your side when the other people keep run away from you..those who know the truth about you..and those who can keep the secret when you said it is a secret..

and from that mistakes, i've learnt whatever happen is actually a lesson planned for us..only Allah knows what is the best for us and how we need to learn about life..we just need to think positively, not just give up..yeah, it's hard, very hard at first to stand up back after the fall..but put together all the strength you have, insya allah everything will be alright..have you heard that actually God tests us because He loves us??it is true..really true..i admit, before this i always forgot about Him..i just take all my responsibilities as a Muslimah very lightly n easily..but then, i've learnt my lesson that actually He wants me to come back to the right path via all the mistakes i've made..quite irony for me, but that is life..only Allah knows what is the best for us and how we can get the best thing..every choice made is actually has the best side of it even we thought that was the wrong one..

then most of all, family..most people forgot about family when they are in their comfort zone.."no..i didnt forget my family..i call them every week..i send money every month.."..but is that love??is it enough for the parents to receive call once a week just to say "hi are you??how about dad??sisters??brothers??ok, everything is fine..ok, you later"..but we can spend hours and hours on the phone or internet for our girlfriends and boyfriends that we get to know when we just reach our teenage age..but mom n dad, we know them since we are born..they are the first people celebrated and welcomed us to the world..actually, the same went with me..but then i've learnt my lesson..anything happen to me, my family is the one who come first to support me..upside down, they will be there..always..actually they are the truly best friends ever..Abah, so glad i have you two in my life..Angah, Uda, Kak Cik, Kakak..thanks for being the clown, the counselor, the nurse, the doctor, my best all are my everything.. :)

so, dont afraid if you made a just one test from God to make you happy and think least, when you made the mistake, you know you shouldnt done it in the first place, and you will not repeat it again in your whole life..and most of all, you can tell everyone that actually Allah loves you, that's why He still gives you the chance to learn and, chill!!! :)

p/s: think before you act..think about the consequences..and think positively..improve your live..everything will be fine :)

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