Tuesday, July 21, 2009

too many things happened in life..

perkara di atas dirujuk.






emm..too many things happened until i dont know where to start or wat to tell u about..

emm..somebody asked me (or should i say 'us'=noni,sue, and me)

"kowg n dok menari2, dok wat keje ntah pa pe n, mktb ada byr ke kat kowg??xde kan?!ape je yg kowg dpt selain letih, pas 2 kna marah2 ngn lcturers..bkn ny dpt duit pn.."

woo!!sgt menarik ayat ini..lu piki la sendiri...u r a future teacher right??what kind of teacher that u will be??ask youself r 'dear'..

then again..our faces on stage again and again..
ulik mayang, then kurik kundi..

haa!!dedication..teacher's day hari tu we did a dedication business..we sold roses and candy..waa!!tiring but we really enjoyed it..personally, i enjoyed it so much because it is a 'weird' kind of feeling that u can feel inside when u see people r happy when u're delivering the roses and candies even to a person you didnt know..even that thing are not from you..huh~~ am i that crazy??hehehe..

then....GENTING TIME!!but b4 we're going there, some problems occured and bcoz of a 'mulut gatai' creating stories and suka memandai2, our vacation nearly failed..but thanks a million thanks to KABER, IZZAT, IKMAL, NONI, and SYUE who are very helpful and supportive to each other..i love u all..u r my backbones and spines..without u, i......dont know wat say lor..

we have a lot of fun there..release tension..unstressed ourselves..waa!!!
we have sooooo much fun till our voices are totally out because of sore throat..fever..thank God nobody got H1N1..scary..huhuhuu..
maybe i can upload the photos later ek..

next is school experience..which i am going through now..can say anything yet..mybe later i will tell the story after i finish it..please pray for me to be alive for this whole two weeks..

byk lg bnda nk cter..but im sleepy right now..
later la ek..

and for my dear..gud luck for ur pidato ya..be the best coz i know u can..