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false myths..continued from the previous post..

Myths about Walt Disney: Is Walt really frozen under Pirate?s of the Caribbean?

Over the year?s rumors and myths about Walt Disney and his company have evolved into legends. Legends, which many guests and even some Disney Cast Members today have come to believe as a true part of Disney history.
While some of those legends are true, there are many that are false. Let us take a look at some of the more popular Disney myths.
Walt is frozen and stored at one of the parks

Walt was cryogenically frozen and is placed in a secret vault underneath the Pirate?s of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. It is false, but is one of the longest running Disney rumors today. He was actually cremated Dec. 17, 1966, only two days after his death. Another version of this myth is, since he died before his vision of the ?Florida Project? ? now known at Walt Disney World - was complete, the secret vault where his body is located was placed underneath Cinderella?s Castle at the Magic Kingdom Park.
Guest looses head on Space Mountain

A guest?s head was severed from standing up on the Space Mountain attraction in the Magic Kingdom?s Tomorrowland. Though this did not happen to a guest, it did happen during testing of the ride when Imagineers placed a test dummy on the ride standing up. The dummy?s head was severed from its body.
Swan and Dolphin and the monorail

It has been told by many on a variety of forums and even some Disney Cast Members have been telling guests that the black glass on Disney?s Swan and Dolphin Resorts can be removed to accommodate the path of a monorail from Epcot to Disney?s Hollywood Studios. One story says that there is nothing behind the black glass and another says that there are temporary rooms there, which can be removed easily. Neither are true. Actually the buildings were designed this way and there is no intention, and never was, of putting a monorail through the two resorts.
Cinderella?s Castle can be taken apart for a hurricane

I am not sure where this rumor began, but it is out there. Some say that Cinderella?s Castle is built in a way that allows for easy dismantling in case of a hurricane. This a false and the castle is not built that way, nor as it ever been dismantled.
Walt?s face appears on a bust in the Haunted Mansion

It has been rumored that Walt?s face appears on the bust, which is broken, in the Haunted Mansion attraction. Though there is a similarity, this is simply a myth. It is actually the face of Thurl Ravenscroft, who is known as the voice of Tony the Tiger. His voice has also been featured in the Country Bear Jamboree and in the several Disney animated films, including ?Lady and the Tramp.?
Contemporary rooms are removable

I have been hearing this from transportation Cast Members for as long as I can remember. Though I have found no evidence proving they are removable, I have found information, which may have lead to this rumor. When Disney?s Contemporary Resort was being built, the rooms were constructed off site and then crane lifted into their place on the steel constructed A-frame. This was similar to how parts of Disney?s Polynesian Resort was built.

urban legend..

this morning i received an email from i-dont-know-who..it's on my spam box..not a forwarded email, because only my email being list as the receiver..kinda of weird..but it's interesting..let me share it here..

Urban Legends Debunked

We all love urban legends, we all love to hear them, and we all love to spread them. From dead animals, dead people, and the living dead, to animals in fast food, humans have an odd desire to be horrified by these tales. This is a list of 10 of the most famous urban legends that are still doing the rounds but are completely false.
Santa Claus was invented by Coca-cola

In the 1930?s, Coca-cola was looking for ways to spread their burgeoning empire during the winter months - traditionally slow for soft drink sales. They hire Haddon Sundblom, a highly regarded commercial illustrator who proceeded to create a series of images of Santa Claus that associated him with coke. His drawings became a regular annual sight for the coca-cola corporation which helped to spur on the idea that they had conceived the image.
In fact, the red-suited jolly man was already a well established depiction of Santa Claus by the 1920s. The New York Times reported this in 1927: A standardized Santa Claus appears to New York children. Height, weight, stature are almost exactly standardized, as are the red garments, the hood and the white whiskers. The pack full of toys, ruddy cheeks and nose, bushy eyebrows and a jolly, paunchy effect are also inevitable parts of the requisite make-up.
Walt Disney?s Body is Cryogenically Frozen

The rumor tells us that Disney, who was well known for being a technical innovator, had his body put into a vat of liquid nitrogen upon his death so that he could be re-animated (har har) when scientists discovered the means. Some versions of the tale even tell us that Walt?s cryo-vat is hidden under the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Disneyland!
Sorry to tell you, this is entirely false. On December 15, 1966, Walt Disney died of complications from the treatment he was receiving for lung cancer. Following Disney?s wishes, his family had him cremated (they have since confirmed this fact) and his ashes were interred at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, which you can visit to this day.
McDonald?s Shakes are made from reconstituted animal fat

This rumor has been very popular on the internet and I even remember it from my own childhood. The belief was that the liquid poured into the milkshake machine (and the ice cream machine) was reconstituted fat either from pigs or chickens. I even witnessed the filling of one of the machines when I was a teenager and the color and consistency did seem to give weight to the legend.
However, these days fast food restaurants like McDonald?s are required by law to make the full nutritional information of their products available to consumers. This is the complete list of ingredients in a McDonald?s shake: Whole milk, sucrose, cream, nonfat milk solids, corn syrup solids, mono and diglycerides, guar gum, vanilla flavor, carrageenan, cellulose gum, vitamin A palmitate. Admittedly some of these things sound a little weird, but they are all perfectly safe for human consumption and are not animal by-products. Incidentally, carrageenan is a type of seaweed (also called Irish Moss) it is used to control freezing agents in the shakes if it were excluded the milkshake would be a solid block.
The religion of Jedi

Some years ago a strange rumor started to pass around the internet - the claim was that if enough people wrote "Jedi" as their religion on a census form, the government would be compelled to include it as an official religion on the next census. This first started with an English census in 2001, followed by an Australian one, and a New Zealand one in the same year.
Not only is it entirely false (as census departments have nothing to do with the wing of Government that could make this happen), but in Australia, and New Zealand, you can be fined $1000 for falsifying your census results. Not only do you risk a fine, but the census information is used to determine allocation of tax funds, so by lying people are doing other members of society a disservice.
Kentucky Fried Chicken name change

I should first state that I actually believed this urban legend! The legend is that Kentucky Fried Chicken changed its name to KFC because they feared that the word Fried had negative connotations that were not good for marketing. (There was another ludicrous legend that surely no one would believe, it claimed that KFC were breeding super chickens to get more meat from them and by law they could not refer to them as Chickens because they were a new race of animal.)
As it turns out, Kentucky Fried Chicken were not concerned about bad publicity at all in fact, the company has not given a specific reason for the name change. You may be interested to know that the company is now once again beginning to use the original name of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Lemmings occasionally throw themselves from cliffs

This urban legend has quite an awful beginning; in the 1958 Disney documentary White Wilderness, a camera crew forced a group of lemmings off a cliff to document their supposed suicidal behavior. The film was made in Canada and lemmings were brought in for the film after they were purchased from Eskimo children. The lemmings were filmed in a variety of artificial situations and then herded to a cliff where they were pushed to the edge to simulate a migration.
It is unknown whether Disney was aware of the behavior of the film crew, but the fact remains, lemmings do not throw themselves from cliffs.
The Daddy Longlegs

For quite some time there has been a rumor spreading that the daddy longlegs spider is the most poisonous spider but is unable to kill humans simply because its fangs are not strong enough to pierce our skin. In fact, there is a small twist here it is not possible for us to test the toxicity of the spider because of international codes of ethics and amnesty international (for some bizarre reason).
In reality, the most poisonous spiders are the Brown Recluse and the Funnel Web Spider.
Who invented the toilet?

Contrary to popular belief, it was not Thomas Crapper. Crapper is known to most as an ingenious Victorian plumber who came up with the idea of a flushing lavatory. The majority of this deceit comes from a book written in 1969 by Wallace Reyburn: Flushed with Pride: the Story of Thomas Crapper. This author also, interestingly, wrote The Uplifting Tale of Otto Titzling and the Development of the Bra. Crapper was in fact a plumber, and he did take out a number of plumbing related patents in his time, but none was for the flush toilet.
In reality, Alexander Cummings is generally credited as being the inventor of this illustrious gadget, in 1775 (50 years before Crapper was born). Joseph Bramah and Thomas Twyford improved upon Cummings? design by adding the ball-cock. Finally, the use of the term crapper for a lavatory is of unknown origin but is believed to have started out in America.
Made in USA, Japan

I am sure you have all heard this one: apparently the Japanese renamed a town in Japan to USA so they could legally exports goods to the US and conceal their original place of origin. This legend was spurred on by the fact that in post-war American, Made in Japan became synonymous with cheap poorly made goods. It is, of course, ludicrous to think that American customs officially would simply shrug off the import of products that are clearly labelled to mislead.
An interesting addition to this tale is that Sony Corporation intentionally made their Made in "Japan" labels small so that American people would not realize that it was a Japanese company. A large number of Sony shipments were turned away by Customs officials because the labels were smaller than regulations required them to be.

and it will continue in the next post.. :)

stubborn..yeah, dats me..

bEaR~sY@: he's a disease
bEaR~sY@: n im getting canser
bEaR~sY@: 2 thun aku akn mnanti ssuatu yg aku taw xbbaloi
bEaR~sY@: pnantian yg sia2
bEaR~sY@: 1 keje bdoh
bEaR~sY@: tp aku ttp nk wat
bEaR~sY@: xke bangang nme ny
bEaR~sY@: huhuhu
bEaR~sY@: he never3x get back with me
bEaR~sY@: i know dat
bEaR~sY@: but i just want 2 wait
bEaR~sY@: n hoping
bEaR~sY@: 4 a miracle
bEaR~sY@: dat someday
bEaR~sY@: he will back
bEaR~sY@: i will love him more than i do now
bEaR~sY@: but...
bEaR~sY@: it just a dream
bEaR~sY@: aaarghhh!!!!
bEaR~sY@: c aku ley jd gler taw x cm n
Nik Zaiton is typing...
Nik Zaiton: taw pun
bEaR~sY@: smtimes
bEaR~sY@: ad bnda yg otak kt phm
bEaR~sY@: tp hti kt xbstuju dgn apa yg otak kte..
Nik Zaiton: mmg la
Nik Zaiton is typing...
Nik Zaiton: sbb hati ni ikut perasaan
bEaR~sY@: aku btol2 xpst skrg n
bEaR~sY@: b4 aku dtg
bEaR~sY@: jwpn yg aku dpt ialah pnntian 2thn slama aku kat cn
bEaR~sY@: tp aku dok cn xsmp 2thun
bEaR~sY@: aku dh jd xpsti
bEaR~sY@: btol ke 2 jwpn ny
bEaR~sY@: dia sndr brubah
bEaR~sY@: n aku try lg cri jwpn
bEaR~sY@: dan aku dlm kabus je aku rse
Nik Zaiton: hmmm
Nik Zaiton: sya
Nik Zaiton: kdg2 benda yg kita nnt tu xdpt
Nik Zaiton: bnda yg kta xnanti tu dtg
Nik Zaiton is typing...
Nik Zaiton: ko fikirla yg trbaik

here is d conversation with my BFF..she's d only one yg can cure my keserabutan..err..yeah, we are talking bout dis guy dat i've being crazy about..unfortunately, he's....emm..yeah, it just love at 1 side now..i know he doesnt love me anymore, it just me who love him n being so dumb n crazy n mad..

1 of my friend said, "If he's not worth your time, worth your tears, realize it soon before it's too late. Sometimes, it's better to end it earlier with a broken heart rather than staying for long and get your heart shattered to pieces."

emm..but..when my heart will listen...??? i dont have the answer..

Sunday, June 27, 2010


emm..last friday noni, syu and i when 2 chatwood 4 some jobs hunting, accompanied by aza..huh..it's hard..xsangka ssh rupe ny nk cri keje..i've a few offers before..but i need to let go most of it because some reasons:

1. d place is too far 4 me 2 go back n forth evryday
2. 1 of d work 2 do as a nanny is dog-walking..eerrr..i cant take dat one..
3. 4 kids 2 take care of n i need 2 live-in with them..emm..dont think so..
4. receive an offer from a couple 2 b their housekeeper..but d thing is 1 of d work dat i need 2 do is massaging..yucks!!
5. they just wanna pay me 20 per day for 5 hours of work..doesnt worth it..

and at chatwood, we went round and round inside the chatwood chase plaza asking 4 any vacancies..there's some places dat seems convincing..but now, we need 2 wait 4 their calls after submitted all those resumes..n i think, it's better 2 work at any shop as sales assistant @ sales retailer than facing too much problems 2 b a nanny/housekeeper as i've been b4..

now i know..it's hard 2 make money..thanks Abah n Mama 4 spending too much money 4 me from i was in ur tummy until now..it's never get enough 2 pay back all u have spent on me..just pray hard dat i will get any job so i can bring u 2 here next year.. :)

however, thank God we r going 2 b a teacher.. ;)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

what i've been dreaming of..

here i sit,
wonder n ponder,
the dreams that i've got in mind..
those things dat i want 2 do in my life..

i have too many things 2 do in my life..these are some of my dreams..

1. i want 2 b a better person as i want and will bcome a wife, a mom, and a teacher soon..i want 2 a better person as i have to be the guidance 4 my sisters..i want 2 b a better person as i dont 2 b like i was b4..i want 2 b a better person so i can firmly hold Islam in my heart..

2. i want a man who can guide me, whom i can respect, spend my whole life with, a man who can love me as who i am, help me 2 b a better person and not reminding me about my past..a man who can be my future children's greatest daddy and best friend..a man who only loves me, who is my lover and also the most important is the greatest n a very best friend i've ever got..a man who can be so romantic, gentle, sweet,understanding, humble but still firmly n gently guide me as a Muslim in life..and in d same time he can b my best friend who i can turn to when im sad or happy, up n down..who would b there only for me whenever needed..who can calm me with only a hug and a kiss..a man who i need in my life and being d most important thing 4 me as well as i am important 4 him..(i have a name in my heart 4 dis 'man'..but i dont know either he is d one dat i need as he is not mine now..myb he is d one dat i want, but he also might not b d one dat i need..who knows..but still, i still put hope on him 2 b my future hubby..he's part of most of my dreams actually..)

3. i want a house, not only a house, but also a home..where there's all d happiness happen with my beloved future hubby n children..a home where i feel safe in and i love 2 b in..a home that big enough 2 b a love paradise for my hubby n me, a home that big enough 2 b my children's playground..a home that enough to hold our relatives when they want 2 come 4 a visit..im planning a house with a yard with a simple landscape, at least 5 bedrooms (a master bedroom-only for me n my hubby, 3 rooms for my children, n a guest room), a clean n lovely kitchen 4 me 2 cook 4 my lovely fmly..

4. i want 2 open my own dance studio..myb as my part time job, i will teach d teenagers n kids who loves 2 dance..it will b called as a donation class..i wont put how much they want 2 pay, just give how much they r willing 2..im not a pro..it just an alternative 4 them 2 fill their free time..it is better than they go loitering n doing nothing profitable..so they will b welcome 2 come n having fun in my dance studio..

5. i want 2 spend more time with my mama n abah..it's been a long tme dat im being far n 'far' from them..i know i cant pay 2 have back d past..but i want 2 make it out..australia teach me many things about love n family..mama, abah..i love u so much..please 4give me wat i had done b4..i made u guys cried mny tmes..but i promise u, after this moment, i just want u 2 cry 4 d happiness dat i want n will bring 2 u..i promise u i will b a good daughter..

6. i want 2 get married in a hotel and i should invite all my family n friends..i want 2 feel 4 once in my life dat is my happiest day of all..

7. i want 2 go travel with my hubby around d world..rlly hope so..at least i want 2 travel with him at these 3 places: bora-bora island, rome n switzerland..and by d way, angah, i will come 2 german b4 u cme back 2 mlysia..ok..so u should b rdy..myb ur eldest sister will have her hneymoon there..insya allah..hehehe..

8. i want 2 open a co-operative business with my cousins/friends..i want 2 open a bakery/kindergarten/brides' boutique..either one..or if God willing, myb i open all of them..aamiiin..

9. i want 2 live happily ever after without any debts, any huge problems, or poverty..please Allah, let me have a life in Your blessing..

10. i want 2 build d "qanaah" in myself, my hubby, n my children..means satisfy with wat we have without begging for more out of our ability..but doesnt mean dat we just gve up 2 make our life better..
~~~Imam 'Ali was asked about the word of Allah, the Exalted: And indeed, We shall give him the good life (Sura 16:97), Imam `Ali replied," He is the Qana `ah (satisfaction)."
~~~Nothing is more precious than the treasures qana'ah. The greatest wealth is leaving a lot of desire.

Monday, June 14, 2010

alkisah tsbut la satu cerita..

lame dh update blog kan..hehehe..hr n sya ingin bcerita..ad sowg bdk n..dia tjtuh cnta ngn sowg bdk llaki n..lme dh, n diowg pnh la 'bpsangan'..tp ada bdai yg dtg mybbkan mrka xshaluan dh..ad sesuatu yg drhsiakan shgga skrg yg mybbkan bdai 2 dtg..tp itu adlh 1 krugian yg tramat bg dat girl as she still love dat guy..tp klw dia nk ckp pn cm dh xde gune..sbb dia sndiri yg cari nahas..nk djdkan cter ny..dis girl tpksa mnhan prsaan hti sbb tkut kecewa n mgecewakan, wlaupun she's alrdy disappointed with herself..
then after dat they bcome friends back, without any feelings..tp sbnr ny dis girl still love him very much, n she's willing 2 wait until dat guy can forgive her..dlm tmpoth 2 byk kali dis girl nk tgur dis guy tp dia xmmpu..she's afraid yg dis guy hate her..n she knows there's only 10% of chance 4 her utk blik smula ngn dat guy..so within d terms, byk kali dia nmpk dat guy lalu d dpn mte, tp she's afraid 2 say hi..afraid if dat guy just ignore her n shut her up..byk kali dis girl nk cll, tp xjd..ltak smula phone..byk kali dis girl taip mesej pjg bjela utk dat guy, but at last xntr pn msj 2..bkurun dok dlm phone as draft, but xpnh msuk sent box, n at last deleted..pnh dis girl beristikharah..tp jwpn yg dia dpt ialah penantian..n dis girl trus mnanti shgga 1day ad jwpn lain utk dia..
pnh ada owg ckp kat dis girl, y bcome so idiot 2 wait 4 him yg trang2 dh xnk kat dia..tp she just said "i dont know how n why..i just do"..tp scara jujur ny, dis girl xskuat mn..kdg2 dia sndri pn ragu2 ngn kputusan yg dia wat..sbb dia xpnh wat a decision like dat..but she knows dat someday she will get d answer..so she just keep waiting 4 d answer..even it will take a period of 2,3 years..kdg2 dia pn trse bodoh gak sbnr ny sbb dia taw she just got a small chance, but she still put a big hope on it..it just like putting an egg on d tip of a lidi stick..
n sbnr ny dia ltih utk mnhan perasaan..rse cm nk kawin trus je ngn sape2..tp klw mcm 2, dia akn trus hilangkn d chance dat she got..n sbnr ny hti dia sgt tkunci rpt utk mn2 pluang besar yg lain yg dtg smata2 pluang yg sdkit yg dia ada 2..
emm..kesimpulan ny, dat is life..anything can happen..it just a chapter of her life yg xkeruan..