Thursday, July 8, 2010

precious things dat i miss

shuffling the pictures in my laptop 2 c which ones dat i should bring 2 d "intercultural performance project" next meeting make me feel homesick..i miss all of Abah, Mama, sisters n brother, Tok Mak n Tok Bah cousins, aunties n uncles, Nik Zaiton, and all of them in Malaysia..

i want 2 go back 2 Malaysia!!!please somebody support 4 d flight.. :'(

i miss ur masak lemak cili padi, nasi goreng tom yam, udang sweet sour..i miss ur 'bebelan'..i miss 2 hear stories from u while we r cooking 2gether at d kitchen..i miss 2 c u playing d computer games n getting frustrated when u lost..i miss u very much..

i miss 2 hear ur advice..i miss 2 hear ur calm voice reciting d prays during d solat jemaah..i miss ur jokes n laughs..i miss ur voice saying "Along..g bg mkn ayam jap"..i miss ur request 4 anything dat i can cook 4 u..i miss u very much..

i miss ur voice singing..i miss ur hairy legs, but u still wearing shorts..i miss 'kutuk' ur mcdonald-hair..i miss having fight with u..i miss 2 share stories with u..i miss u so much..

i miss 2 share stories with u..i miss 2 nag u all day..i miss 2 get mad at ur laziness..i miss our dressing time..i miss 2 watch movies with u..i miss 2 shout 2 call u come out from ur room..i miss u very much..

kak Chik,
i miss 2 'membebel' at u..i miss 2 look at u playing with the chicken..i miss 2 catch u and tickle u all over..i miss 2 bite u..i miss it when u pull face over me..i miss 2 'kerah' u do d works..i miss u very much..i miss ur mispronounce of 'r'..

i miss 2 tickle u..i miss 2 hear ur stories..i miss 2 'mengajuk' ur stories..i miss 2 hear u sing with a wrong lyrics..i miss ur dirty face when u play with d mud n sands..i miss ur cry..i miss u very much..


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