Thursday, April 28, 2011

when a BAD girl babbling..

ooowh damn...lama giler xbukak blog sendiri..hahaha...

btw lately im so busy..even during the holiday..hehehe..long story short, got a few new friends..ok my freinds collection (erk, sounds terrrible there..) now officially become world wide..hehehe..proud with myself, at least got more opportunities to practice my English yang still terketar2 nk kluar dari mulut sometimes..hohoho..i got friends from fiji, india, dubai, peru, mexican, london, china, japan, korea, mediterranean, middle east, etc n of coz australian..hehehe..pas n nk g travel around the world senang..hehehe..bajet cm blh je nk travel2 n..xpe2, one of my wishlist to do in life..hope so..hehehe..n watever people want to say for me to be socialize with them, up to u wat, i know im a bad girl..but even a bad girl know her limit dude..

nape blogspot xde wat application for iphone ek??ssh tol..lappy tgh masuk icu now.. :(

now im addicted dgn love stories..hohoho..wat can i say, being single for 2 years not easy..feel like i dont have dat feeling my heart saying "love??wat is dat??"huhuhu..haru..

ooowh..i promised to load up about my work story..hehehe..but i decided to upload dat story when i finally quit all the job so i can tell about everything..basically now, im finding apperentices to replace me..hehehe..bajet kan..hehehe..

now totally, suke hati blog..klw i nk mbebel ke, nk mgarut ke, kecik hati ke, terasa ke...dats me babe..u dont like it??push close button now..

n btw, i just dont get it..why people can terasa hati with me, but i cant terasa hati with them ek??ooowh..i get it..i m a BAD im supposed to b angel..terasa hati pn telan jek..xley ckp kat sape2..klw ckp, means i buruk kan owg..ok.. :( *zip mulut*

a lot of things happen in life..but think positive sha..everything happen for a least there will b something u can and need to learn..for example, DONT EVER TELL UR SECRET to anybody..they might use it to fire u back..n then u r d one going to b hanguis tbakar..oowh, another thing i dont get it..why people asked u to explain but they actly didnt have d intention to listen???why ask in d first place??weird...or is it only me think like dat??shh..secret k..hehehe.. ;P

however, im happy with my life now..i just do watever i want to do..even sometimes nk kna jaga hati org lain so damn hipocrite now..shhh***t..

emm..mama, not d good daugther dat u think..i tried but i gave is so hard to keep up with d social expectation..

btw, is there anybody out there want to pay d government for me so i can stay in australia??i love malaysia, i love my just dat i hate the social expectation..u suppose to hipocrite n b good n nice all d time..dey, im no angel..

before dis, i used to think to get married early coz i want to b a good girl, good daugther, good wife, n bla bla bla..but not, dont think i want to get married..unless ada anak raja nk masuk meminang..hehehe...

ooowh..ramai wat muke tkejut when see me outside now..hahaha..u want me to be bad here, the bad girl is coming out..hah!!!