Thursday, July 29, 2010

another observation: clever cute..

" cannot stand too close too the tv..teacher said it is bad for your eyes"

"i need tissues..i want to wipe my not pretty anymore" (because there's some cheese n sauces on her face after she ate her sandwich)

"no..u shouldnt do like that..put it here..see..butterfly" (doing puzzle)

"daisy said when we make mistakes, we should say sorry..when we want to sneeze, we should say 'excuse me'.."

i always wonder why kids here are so clever and 'petah' (very clever in talking)..and i also made this observation..and this is what i found out..

1. from infant, the parents will read to them bedtime this habit will trigger their mind..especially kids in age 1-3..they easily can absorb what they is a prove that i can rely on my observation..

  • Brain development that takes place prenatally and in the first year of life is more rapid and extensive than previously suspected;
  • Brain development is much more vulnerable to environmental influence than we ever suspected;
  • The influence of early environment on brain development is long lasting;
  • The environment affects not only the number of brain cells and number of connections among them, but also the way these connections are "wired;"
source from: Carnegie Task Force on Meeting the Needs of Young Children, Starting Points, 1994

a simple bedtime stories has a huge impact on children's learning..they even put the story books on the bed sometimes so the child can take a look on the picture every time they want to..start to read you children now.. :)

2. the parents here also provide the kids with the kid's tv program which contain with education thing..they teach their children to watch this program since they are really indirectly, the children will learn by themselves  through this environment..and make them know the language faster..

3. the parents are so encouraging..they will play with the kids and within the same time they will teach them simple things..for example : the father wanted to teach the children how to plant a they went to the backyard and they did it was a playtime to the kids because they were enjoying it..she also learning by doing it herself..they didnt afraid to be dirty as long as they are learning..and then the father told the kids what will happen to the plant..~~this thing really happen when i became a nanny at one of the families here..but what i realize is, they didnt teach the children science, math, or the formal academic things..they just teach the children about something in life..simple things..because they know if they give stress too much on these kids on their earlier stage, it will damage their brains..

4.quality time with the kids..even they are working, they still valueing their quality time with the family..weekend especially..

5. at the age 2, they already send their children to Malaysia, we have nursery..but here, even at age 2, they also have the syllabus for them..means they are not just playing there or doing nothing..they also learning some simple to go to toilet, how to eat properly, how to wash hands, how to make a sandwich, how to communicate with people, and many simple things but meaningful..

i think that was the reasons why the kids here are so clever..

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