Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"in your own words.."

im joining a program called as "intercultural performance project:in your own words"..at first i just want to join it because i was thinking dat this might b a good opportunity to know other people from other cultures and background..and perhaps it can help me to strengthen the confidence in communicating in English..and it is a performance project, soo my type..why shouldnt i try, right??

n today is going 2 b d 3rd day of the meeting..but seriously n honestly im so excited (even today i need 2 wear those damn suit dat i hate 2 wear it..huhuhu) why?? because even it's only 2 meetings dat we had together (yesterday n d day before), i've learnt so much..n i dont know about d others, but i can feel d bond between us..d feeling is just there after we shared about ourselves and our family at d day 1..i didnt even know them before (except fiza @ aza)..n now, we have shared so much about our life which make the relationship and the bonding become stronger n stronger..2 days of meetings make us become friends like we've known each other for 2 months..we just shared everything..(even not everything, but still, the story of our life that we might not tell 2 any strangers)

and actually i have no idea about wat the performance will b look like..because Dangerous Daniel and Silly Sally said we are not going to do a stage performance..so.....i dont know..but so far, i like it..because it has the surprise element and actually we r not going 2 b practicing about wat we r going 2 perform..we just getting 2 know each other n in d same time we r practicing 4 d performance..indirectly..lees tension, friendly environment..

and indirectly, these project actually remind me and set me straight about my mission n vision here..i m soooo not regretting my decision 2 join dis thing even i've been left alone 2 take care of d house n all my housemates n friends at the melbourne, enjoying themselves..i m enjoying myself with this project..i've got new friends, new experiences, new lessons, and new stories of life which i cant get d same things anywhere else..sooo glad n sooo thankful.. :D

so this is us..im not there because i was d one wo took d pic..hehehe..

from left: Sexy Siddarth, Dangerous Daniel, Silly Sally, Quiet Christian, Crazy Christina, Daring Daniel, Funky Fiza, Cookie Kim..

oowh..there's more..Smart Stella, Kate, and Enid..sorry Kate n Enid..i cant remember ur adjective..huhuhu..n Syue n Noni will b joining us next week.. :)

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and there's more ppl coming in..yeay!!