Thursday, March 26, 2009

dis is a sin...

huh..tensed!!! -_-

today's presentation was s***..hate to say it, but dat's it..aiiyo..mdm temperature, could u please..........
duhh..if i want to complete dat phrase to become a sentence, i dont think it will bcme a sentence, but sentences..wat i want to say here is, u r nonsense n no sense at all..neva think of other people's feelings..neva appreciate people's efforts..neva2x have d intention to understand ur students..u just think bout urself n wat do u think n feel,..or should i say dat d most appropriate word for u is EGOCENTRIC??sure u can understand d meaning of it r8??oowh..i forgot dat u r d BEST teacher ever n u r r8 all d time..n we should understand dat women around ur age have mood swing coz of d PMS..not menstrual, but d other word dat start wih M and end with S..would not state here coz it's a senctif issue r8 for women l8 u..huhuhu..sowy..duhh..

opps.. m i over d limit as a student??gosh..5weeks more to EXAM..sowy..but i just cant stand d stress dat u gave me from d first presentation..i also have my limit, u c..i m a human..

to PD n Bahijah, thank u very3 much guys..n million of apologies i beg 2 u 2 bcoz i was over d limit during d presentation..especially to PD..

to miss temperature, sowy coz i 'mgutuk' u here..if u can read dis, u can fail@penalise me r8??[opps..cabul mulut..hope dat u wont find dis till im dead..if not,i'll die bcoz of u..die la..die la..huhuhu]but just want u 2 know dat dis is wat ur students think..myb not all..some..including me..


Saturday, March 21, 2009

hEpI bDaY~~

to: mr marshmallow

subject: hApPy bIrThDaY dEaR

hey u,
hepi bday..sowy sbb wish lmbt..sdey gak sbb pe pn, ikhlas dr hti..slmt hr jadi..nothing much to say here..just want to say thanks for the existence and for everything dat u've done..

Friday, March 6, 2009

welcome MARCH

emm..the third month in a year..but dis month got so many things to do..huhuhu..sometimes i got really33x sowy to my lovely rumm8,noni, my 'buah hati',my friends especially syue, iewa, aza, kucing, and swan coz sometimes i 'ter'burst'' out my unstable emotions..and i would like to say sowy to my 'anak2 buah' in dancing team(all i assumed as my fwenz actually)..sometimes i cant control my anger when i get stressed..thanks to my 'buah hati' for ur understanding..thanks to my fwenz for sharing and hearing me..u all r d best..i will never forget all of u for the whole of my i would like to share my list for dis month on the major things to do:
1. human development- essay/ written report of 1800words

2. human development- oral presentation on d day b4 d holiday, 13th march 2009

3. linguistic- written report of 1500words

4. linguistic- oral presentation,after d holiday

5. philosophy- essay about NPE and KBSR,also 1500words

6. philosophy- oral presentation,already done last tuesday,3rd march

7. science- shoe box kit

8. science- oral presentation, next tuesday, 10th march

9. science- reflection and written report 1500words

10.linguistic- need to do some revision from all that we learnt from the 1st semester,preparation for the oral presentation

11.relay for life performance(a big headache for me)

12.resolve all the conflicts


huuuuhh..God, help me..i need to "penting kan yang lebih penting dari yang penting kerana yang lebih penting itu lebih penting"..or in other word,PRIORITY..and i need to be clever in 'memanfaatkan masa'..


dont let stress conquer u..get up and let all ur spirit and strenght burst to the max..u r strong..u can do it..FIGHTING!!and remember to control ur emotions..