Friday, November 21, 2008

it's my family...

let me introduce my family first..from dis pic,standing at the back from left is me~nisya,my bro~amir@angah, my younger sis~hidayah@uda, sit in the middle are my lovely dad and mom, and the cutest in the front is my youngest sister and in front of my mom is the third daughter..
emm..wat should i say bout my family mom and my dad are teachers and i am a future teacher. still remember 1 of the question been asked by 1 of the bpg interviewers.."dont u think dat ur family have too many teachers already??" and my answer is "no,because i dont think it's a sin to have many teachers in a's not a tradition,but it's about passion"huhuhu..and my mom said that the answer is 'too brave' n too it?? what ever it is,my parent is my inspiration..
my bro??he is a student at gmi now..german malaysian institute..yaa..i should admit he is a clever and hardworking boy..he's more matured than me u know..he is a good friend whenever i have problems..he also a good listener whenever i feel bad..emm..he is my boy and my best friend..
opps!!need to go now..coz i need to help my dad in organizing rugby,need to go to finish up the forms for tomorrow..

Friday, November 14, 2008

yea!!!! im home..

feel very glad to be at home again..huh..and as a welcoming-lunch,my mom made a marvellous meal with several lauks..huhuhuhu...besh..start from this day i can 'pump up' my weight..hehehe..but i need to mantain my body for the becoming audition..nervous la thinking about it..huhuhu..but my laptop still cant connect to the internet..very sad..farhad...could u please help me..or anybody who can help me,please..!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

d one that can make me laugh..

guess who...emmm...untie sue as the mediator..hehehe

hahaha...i became a 'voodooer'.....

quarrelling over the heritance because of an incomplete will..

"oh Daddy..please dont go.."

here are some picture from our social studies assignment that we did before much fun and tense during the progress..but we are satisfied with our works even we need to go through many obstacles and problems..

it's about microlevel conflict,family inheritance and rivalry..Conflicts in a relationship and in a family situation can happened due to different views or believe that clash. Misunderstanding will make people jump to the wrong conclusion and often lead to arguments. Sometimes, a trifle can be exaggerated become a big disagreement. Within the quarrel, somehow some emotional responses towards any person will burst it to level that is more serious. Each stage of the family cycle brings conflicts such as in a rivalry over inheritance. This scene is always can be seen in the society nowadays. Each problem has the resolutions. For micro level conflict, there have many ways to cope with the problem such as communication, negotiation, mediation, submission, collaboration, accommodation, compromise, avoidance, arbitration, and litigation.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

the end of foundation course in IPP

~~~induction week for our juniors..but we are the 'comot' ones..~~

~~~hari sembelihan amali pendidikan agama islam....~~~

~~tesl nite 2008...enchanted theme...~~

~~~language camp 2008..ipti jb~~

our foundation course here meet the end of it..1 and half year's not a long period,but it's enough to make me learnt something new..many things i learnt here..met few friends,new environment,new lessons,n new life..without our realization,there are many things that we did together..a lot of misunderstandings,quarrels.."sometimes we fight,sometimes we quarrel..but most of the time,we bond..."hope our priceless friendship that we built here is endless..