Tuesday, February 8, 2011

job offers..

summer holiday is nearly reach its end..another 2 weeks 2 go..huh, im glad actually..bcoz it's been a long time since the last time i open a book 2 study..gosh, afraid my brain be in the holiday mood too long make it hard 2 start again..

today i feel like writing again..about all those works i had done and still doing.. *again*..hehehe..*yeah i know..same topic..boring* but yeah, these whole things really make me learn bout life..

*oowh, btw, i got the time 2 write today bcoz im not working today..things going slow since the holiday nearly ends*

in Aussie, it's kind of easy 2 find a part time or casual job..just go online at gumtree.com.au n browse under the job categories..and u can even post ur own advertisement 4 free..so, here wat i posted in the gumtree.com.au 2 promote myself *4 work k*..

"Hi i am 22-year-old international female student searching for any job available in sydney for this summer. I have experiences in housekeeping/cleaning/babysitting/nursing/nanny. My availability during this summer is full-time, last until February. However, i would love to continue the job after that as a part-time/casual job. 
The rates are negotiable. Please do contact me. Thank you."

n then i left my email address and phone no there so that they can easily contact me..my ad got hit for about 80something within 1week and until now total profile view is 289..and yeah, i received a lot of replies via email, text messages, and phone calls..but there's some of the replies are nonsense and crazy..want 2 know why i said so??here, i put some of the reply that i received..

1. "hi, im a 30 years old bussiness man and have my own private house at milson point. can you do massage? no experience required. i can teach you, and we can experiment with each other. $200 per day."

2. "i need a housekeeper. im a carrier woman who always travel overseas and i live with my boyfriend. i need somebody to take care of the house and my boyfriend as well. all his need should be provided. all the accommodation will be provided. and if im home, we can be involved together in the sexual act. rates are depends on your request."

3. "hello. i have an unusual position for u. i live with my boyfriend and we have 2 sons. we really want a baby girl in our family. but i cant be pregnant anymore, so we are searching for a girl who can give birth to a healthy baby girl. all the expenses will be provided, and also a special treatment for you. for at least 11months, you can stay with us."

4. "are u interested to be an exotic housekeeper?costume will be provided. $100 per hour."

5. "i need a housekeeper to do all the general cleaning. $20 per hour. if you can do massage too, $70 per hour. if you can do sex, $100 per hour."

there's a lot more of replies like these..but i just pick d ones that i felt so pissed off but in the same time laughing my lungs out when i read it..n unfortunately, i rejected all of the offers that similar to dis ones..im so not into any of those kinds..what are these people thinking..and seriously, i couldnt believe that there's people like this in this world..but, to those people, thank you so much for giving me this experience..an experience that cant be found anywhere else and not everyone got it..just make my life colourful..hehehe..

p/s: next entry, maybe i will share about i learn during working part-time in australia..lots of ideas, but just pray i have time 2 write..