Sunday, June 27, 2010


emm..last friday noni, syu and i when 2 chatwood 4 some jobs hunting, accompanied by's hard..xsangka ssh rupe ny nk cri keje..i've a few offers before..but i need to let go most of it because some reasons:

1. d place is too far 4 me 2 go back n forth evryday
2. 1 of d work 2 do as a nanny is dog-walking..eerrr..i cant take dat one..
3. 4 kids 2 take care of n i need 2 live-in with them..emm..dont think so..
4. receive an offer from a couple 2 b their housekeeper..but d thing is 1 of d work dat i need 2 do is massaging..yucks!!
5. they just wanna pay me 20 per day for 5 hours of work..doesnt worth it..

and at chatwood, we went round and round inside the chatwood chase plaza asking 4 any vacancies..there's some places dat seems convincing..but now, we need 2 wait 4 their calls after submitted all those resumes..n i think, it's better 2 work at any shop as sales assistant @ sales retailer than facing too much problems 2 b a nanny/housekeeper as i've been b4..

now i's hard 2 make money..thanks Abah n Mama 4 spending too much money 4 me from i was in ur tummy until's never get enough 2 pay back all u have spent on me..just pray hard dat i will get any job so i can bring u 2 here next year.. :)

however, thank God we r going 2 b a teacher.. ;)

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