Tuesday, June 29, 2010

stubborn..yeah, dats me..

bEaR~sY@: he's a disease
bEaR~sY@: n im getting canser
bEaR~sY@: 2 thun aku akn mnanti ssuatu yg aku taw xbbaloi
bEaR~sY@: pnantian yg sia2
bEaR~sY@: 1 keje bdoh
bEaR~sY@: tp aku ttp nk wat
bEaR~sY@: xke bangang nme ny
bEaR~sY@: huhuhu
bEaR~sY@: he never3x get back with me
bEaR~sY@: i know dat
bEaR~sY@: but i just want 2 wait
bEaR~sY@: n hoping
bEaR~sY@: 4 a miracle
bEaR~sY@: dat someday
bEaR~sY@: he will back
bEaR~sY@: i will love him more than i do now
bEaR~sY@: but...
bEaR~sY@: it just a dream
bEaR~sY@: aaarghhh!!!!
bEaR~sY@: c aku ley jd gler taw x cm n
Nik Zaiton is typing...
Nik Zaiton: taw pun
bEaR~sY@: smtimes
bEaR~sY@: ad bnda yg otak kt phm
bEaR~sY@: tp hti kt xbstuju dgn apa yg otak kte..
Nik Zaiton: mmg la
Nik Zaiton is typing...
Nik Zaiton: sbb hati ni ikut perasaan
bEaR~sY@: aku btol2 xpst skrg n
bEaR~sY@: b4 aku dtg
bEaR~sY@: jwpn yg aku dpt ialah pnntian 2thn slama aku kat cn
bEaR~sY@: tp aku dok cn xsmp 2thun
bEaR~sY@: aku dh jd xpsti
bEaR~sY@: btol ke 2 jwpn ny
bEaR~sY@: dia sndr brubah
bEaR~sY@: n aku try lg cri jwpn
bEaR~sY@: dan aku dlm kabus je aku rse
Nik Zaiton: hmmm
Nik Zaiton: sya
Nik Zaiton: kdg2 benda yg kita nnt tu xdpt
Nik Zaiton: bnda yg kta xnanti tu dtg
Nik Zaiton is typing...
Nik Zaiton: ko fikirla yg trbaik

here is d conversation with my BFF..she's d only one yg can cure my keserabutan..err..yeah, we are talking bout dis guy dat i've being crazy about..unfortunately, he's....emm..yeah, it just love at 1 side now..i know he doesnt love me anymore, it just me who love him n being so dumb n crazy n mad..

1 of my friend said, "If he's not worth your time, worth your tears, realize it soon before it's too late. Sometimes, it's better to end it earlier with a broken heart rather than staying for long and get your heart shattered to pieces."

emm..but..when my heart will listen...??? i dont have the answer..

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