Tuesday, June 22, 2010

what i've been dreaming of..

here i sit,
wonder n ponder,
the dreams that i've got in mind..
those things dat i want 2 do in my life..

i have too many things 2 do in my life..these are some of my dreams..

1. i want 2 b a better person as i want and will bcome a wife, a mom, and a teacher soon..i want 2 a better person as i have to be the guidance 4 my sisters..i want 2 b a better person as i dont 2 b like i was b4..i want 2 b a better person so i can firmly hold Islam in my heart..

2. i want a man who can guide me, whom i can respect, spend my whole life with, a man who can love me as who i am, help me 2 b a better person and not reminding me about my past..a man who can be my future children's greatest daddy and best friend..a man who only loves me, who is my lover and also the most important is the greatest n a very best friend i've ever got..a man who can be so romantic, gentle, sweet,understanding, humble but still firmly n gently guide me as a Muslim in life..and in d same time he can b my best friend who i can turn to when im sad or happy, up n down..who would b there only for me whenever needed..who can calm me with only a hug and a kiss..a man who i need in my life and being d most important thing 4 me as well as i am important 4 him..(i have a name in my heart 4 dis 'man'..but i dont know either he is d one dat i need as he is not mine now..myb he is d one dat i want, but he also might not b d one dat i need..who knows..but still, i still put hope on him 2 b my future hubby..he's part of most of my dreams actually..)

3. i want a house, not only a house, but also a home..where there's all d happiness happen with my beloved future hubby n children..a home where i feel safe in and i love 2 b in..a home that big enough 2 b a love paradise for my hubby n me, a home that big enough 2 b my children's playground..a home that enough to hold our relatives when they want 2 come 4 a visit..im planning a house with a yard with a simple landscape, at least 5 bedrooms (a master bedroom-only for me n my hubby, 3 rooms for my children, n a guest room), a clean n lovely kitchen 4 me 2 cook 4 my lovely fmly..

4. i want 2 open my own dance studio..myb as my part time job, i will teach d teenagers n kids who loves 2 dance..it will b called as a donation class..i wont put how much they want 2 pay, just give how much they r willing 2..im not a pro..it just an alternative 4 them 2 fill their free time..it is better than they go loitering n doing nothing profitable..so they will b welcome 2 come n having fun in my dance studio..

5. i want 2 spend more time with my mama n abah..it's been a long tme dat im being far n 'far' from them..i know i cant pay 2 have back d past..but i want 2 make it out..australia teach me many things about love n family..mama, abah..i love u so much..please 4give me wat i had done b4..i made u guys cried mny tmes..but i promise u, after this moment, i just want u 2 cry 4 d happiness dat i want n will bring 2 u..i promise u i will b a good daughter..

6. i want 2 get married in a hotel and i should invite all my family n friends..i want 2 feel 4 once in my life dat is my happiest day of all..

7. i want 2 go travel with my hubby around d world..rlly hope so..at least i want 2 travel with him at these 3 places: bora-bora island, rome n switzerland..and by d way, angah, i will come 2 german b4 u cme back 2 mlysia..ok..so u should b rdy..myb ur eldest sister will have her hneymoon there..insya allah..hehehe..

8. i want 2 open a co-operative business with my cousins/friends..i want 2 open a bakery/kindergarten/brides' boutique..either one..or if God willing, myb i open all of them..aamiiin..

9. i want 2 live happily ever after without any debts, any huge problems, or poverty..please Allah, let me have a life in Your blessing..

10. i want 2 build d "qanaah" in myself, my hubby, n my children..means satisfy with wat we have without begging for more out of our ability..but doesnt mean dat we just gve up 2 make our life better..
~~~Imam 'Ali was asked about the word of Allah, the Exalted: And indeed, We shall give him the good life (Sura 16:97), Imam `Ali replied," He is the Qana `ah (satisfaction)."
~~~Nothing is more precious than the treasures qana'ah. The greatest wealth is leaving a lot of desire.

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