Thursday, December 4, 2008

my lil sister's bday

today is my youngest sister's bday..we just celebr8 it at home coz we r 2 busy pack-in our clothes,going 2 terengganu for our aidiladha celebration tomorrow first, my dad wanted 2 start our journey today as he had finished his work at school..however,his work finished at 5pm,too late 2 start the long journey..

simple celebration~~kfc and vianetta at our home sweet home...

dis is the present dat i gave to her...ok x??

p/s: happy birthday my darling,nurul izzah najihah bt abd aziz...i love u always n forever..jgn nakal2 lg taw,dh 7thn dh..


kacipcrew said...

eh, bukan sama ngan atiq ka

mIsS nIsYa said...

ye ke??
xtaw la lak..tq ingt kan..huhuhu..