Monday, December 29, 2008

cuti-cuti malaysia~part 2

having fun at a famosa resort water park..

line up ur hand..ic please..

it's me,my mom,n my sis..

last pose after sliding at high speed slide..

what happened la to my bro n...

one of the houses in tmn mini malaysia..

somebody wants to blow out his own head..frustrating..???

model of menara taming sari..huahuahua..

hahaha..dis 1 i dont know how 2 describe it..gedix..hahaha

time : 25th - 27th of December 2008
venue : Malacca
staying at : malacca straits resort
rate : RM 1++ per nite

comments: this is the real holiday..having fun with people i love most..


Joe said...

besh ar..
srnk gle ar leh jln2

mIsS nIsYa said...

agk sronok gak la..hehehe..xg mn2 ke cuti n??