Sunday, December 21, 2008

he's ill...??

on 13th December, we've (my family and me) got the news dat my mom's dad,my grandpa is ill,till on 14th, we rushed back to first, we planned to go to KL..but,i need to sacrifice my audition..just afraid if i cant see him anymore..
within around 12hours, we arrived at Kg Prt Dato, pontian,johor..oh my God!!i just cant believe he is my grandpa dat i left one week week..only one week and he became like that..unable 2 move, when i kissed his hand,it's cold..unable to talk,just move his eyelids as a sign for everything he wanted to say..until now,he still laying on d bed..thank God now he can speak again..but still cant move his legs coz of gout..still laying on the bed..
God,please give him health till he can see me as a teacher..he told me once dat he wants me to b just like my mom..dat is my hope even most of them said he has no chance to live longer..i just want him as my beloved grandpa who always took me to the shop to buy me 'jajan' and 'biskut aiskrim' and brought me around the village with his 'motor kapcai' during my childhood..i love matter what..

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