Thursday, June 18, 2009

father's day is coming..

21st's father's day dude??any plan to celebr8 it??emm..people always celebr8 mother's day,but how bout father's day??r u forgetting something??in ur blood n body, there have ur dad's gene..appreciate it dude..witout ur dad's chromosomes, u will not exist..people can spend too much money in celebrating valentine's day,but how bout father's day??n u r forgetting something here..u knew ur girlfriend/boyfriend for some months or years only,but ur dad..??u get to know him for the whole ur life since u born..

and dis post i fully dedicate it to my beloved abah, mr abd aziz b che yusof..who gave so much to me since i born and grow up till afaraid i love u abh..thanx u so much for everything that u did for the whole life of mine..

"..because you loved me i overcome

and im so proud what you've become

you've given me such security

no matter what mistakes i make you're there for me

you kill my disappointment and you heal my pain

you understood my fear and you protected me

treasure every irreplaceable memory and that's why.."

dis is a part of a song by beyonce entitled "daddy"..dis is wat i want to say to my abah..but im afraid i have no gut..


along syg abah..trma ksh utk smuany..tiada kata plg bsar yg along blh kata..maafkan along utk stiap kesalahan n dosa along pada abah selama mn along hidup,biar sebesar molekul pn..u r d best thing in my life..

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