Tuesday, June 16, 2009


"why u r making so much fuss bout being fat and ur weight??" ~soalan cepu emas..

emm..girls r very worry bout their weight..n i m 1 of them..admit it..hehehe..n now my weight is 56kg..wow!!reduce 2kg than b4..b4 dis, 58kg..can u imagine??huhuhu..i m FAT..hehehe..once again, admit it..i m an overweight person..

why i need to reduce my weight??
1. i dont want 2 b fat just like b4..
2. health problem..
3. i want to a normal girl with a normal weight
4. lighter means heavier with self-confidence
5. dont want to b called by names dat i ashamed n hate of..

when i was a form 4 student,my weight was around 80kg..could u imagine how fat i m..my relatives were so shock with the drastic changes bcoz b4 dat my weight was only 45 to 48kg only..huhuhu..how did i gain so much weight that time??let me share with u..
1. i stopped dancing
2. cadbury and van houtten was my daily side meal
3. i ate 2-4 plates of rice in my every meal
4. no offense, if u r outsider n lived in terengganu n kelantan, u can gain weight in a short period..their meals have too much santan( coconut milk) and sugar..but, it is delicious and marvellous u know..hehehe..
5. the best thing is, u eat then sleep..dont do other things..n during my time, i always skipped my riadah time which r compulsory for every mrsm student..n guess what, my only exercise was during the detention..once a week..saturday @ sunday..~~jln itik dr blok ke blok, ketuk ketampi, lari keliling mktab bwk bantal, cuci kolam ikan, basuh tandas lelaki, kutip kemuncup kat asrama dak lelaki, mop pejabat, kemas pejabat, jd roomkeeper kat chalet mrsm slma 2bln..n d list is too long to b listed here..hehehe..( teringat zmn dolu2)

then, how i reduced my weight to normal??emm..secret..hehehe..that time, i need 2 reduce my weight coz afraid of being obes..till now i still have the fear..but getting used with so much namecalling by people round me..pregnant woman, bulbasour,mok,itik,n wat so ever..my mouth say "xpe" and smiles all the way..but in my heart.....

have d 'keinginan' to reduce weight..but my lust to eat is too huge..hahaha..so, if i can maintaining my weight is more than enough for me..as long as i can eat wat i want..hehehe..even i cant get the ideal weight just like b4(45-48),just pray that i can achieve my target to reduce my weight to 50kg end of dis year..huhuhu..

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