Monday, June 1, 2009

come back.. + my babies.. takes a long time for to start writing this post..n it took a long period for me to look and updating my blog..huhuhu..since may..

emm..too many things,stuff, and events happened..but now, IT IS HOLIDAY AGAIN..when comes to holiday, im home..yeaa!!!huh~~ -_- means no work except houseworkS..nothing can attract my attention except csi and my babies..let me introduce....

the most handsome carl zahin muzaffar

the most talkative (even cant talk properly) nur iman thaqif luthfi

the prettiest khadijah umairah

the naughtiest shahril amri

the cutest shamil haris

and my two notty sis

so..these people who are brighten my days during my holiday..having them in a house, just like living in a kindergarten which full of excitement and of coz,they always make me feel tired..but the thing is their 'keletah' which can make me laugh a lot..kak icha love u a lot guys..mmmuah..

p/s : i miss mr mashmallow..huhuhu..

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