Wednesday, December 15, 2010

another piece of stories

it's been a long...long ago since i updated my blog kan..about 2 months..

as usual, life is full of stories..there's some of the stories dat we want to forget but some we want to keep in fresh in mind..

summer holiday alrdy started..almost a month dh pn..

emm..i started working..AGAIN..but now as a cleaner yg berjaya (konon2 ny la kan..) hahaha..

some of my friends are wondering, why i took jobs that far away from my place..for me, this is the only way for me to be at that place..if not, i will never go there..for instance, now i'm working at a clinic, as a cleaner of course, which is about 1 hour and 45 minutes from my place..WOW, i know, WOW..

then, nk dijadikan cerita, my employer's name is also nisha..n she's a muslim too..great..

another job that i got is at turramurra..which is about 30minutes from my place..n her name is nousha ( pronounce as niusha)..she comes from two boys, asha, 7 and arya, 5...never met her husband yet..n syesly, her house is really nice..not much of furniture, contemporary style (which is i really3x like), simple, and yet, easy to clean up..hehehe..and she is really nice..

yeah..what a coincidence rite.. :)

and today actually i got another job for cleaning..but it still in consideration tho..the employer seems scary..he's an indian and actually, i couldnt get much of what he's saying because he stutter..i think maybe because of he's fluency in english influenced a bit..

speaking of which, i think my English is getting better..even sometimes the grammar is messed up, i lost the words/vocabs, the structure is 'tonggang terbalik'..but i think im getting better in speaking n wirting n texting in english..hehehe..i can feel my confident to communicate in English is higher than during the first three months here..n i even dream in english kan..hehehe..just like Pamela said, when u used the language in most of the time in your daily life, it will come into your dreams..before, i thought it might be impossible for me to become like that..but i had this dream last 2 days in english..seems like in that dream, i was at the beach waiting for someone..but i dont know who..then that someone come to me and said "u need to come with me..i really need your help.." and i said "why me??what can i do for you??" but then after that all i remember i hugged her like a long-lost friend..then we told each other we will miss each other and hoping will see each other again..then she took off with this handsome young man, which is my ex-boyfriend..and i took off with a man too..i know that man, but prefer not to mention his name here..speaking of that man, i really miss him..he's my best friend..the best friend ever..

and being about almost one year in sydney, people always said "malaysians usually have a very good english.."
WOW..these people must have mis-heard..manglish is one of the pidgin ( bahasa rojak) which can lead to language/s destruction, u know..i am proud to be malaysian, but hye, malaysians, especially malays, let's improve our languages..we should be bilingual to survive these days..

oowh..ok..seems that im off the track a bit sleepy and tired me to update my blog frequently k..even nobody reading it..just something i want to keep for the sake of myself..hehehe.. :)


life said...

So any more updates :) Whats happening wih work an life? Any romance :)

Have enjoyed reading your blogs :)

mIsS nIsYa said...

tq so much for reading.. :)
sorry for not updating for a long time..never thought that someone reading my blog.. :">