Thursday, October 14, 2010

last day~~~

feel bored, dont know what to do..feel like want to eat 'bepang bebola'..tried to find d recipe online..but couldnt find it..n the updating my fb status..n something caught my eyes on the home page..meen's status promoting the islamic awareness week at our university..n there a link for the trailer video..*click here to watch the video*

the first question that been asked is "HOW WOULD YOU SPEND YOUR LAST DAY?" and while people in the video giving out their answers, i was thinking the same would i spend my last day?? WOW!!seriously, i dont know how to answer it because i was thinking about a lot of think..moreover, im in sydney and my family at might be really3x hard for both of us..maybe some of the list below can be done before my time is up..

1. ask for forgiveness from everybody sincerely
2. solat taubat to ask forgiveness from The Only One, Almighty Allah
3. skype with mama and abah to ask their forgiveness and to give my last will to my sisters and brother
4. write last words at fb note for everybody who knows me (family and friends)
5. call the person who i love to tell him that i still love him even we are not 'in relationship' anymore..and ask for his forgiveness too because i broke his heart before..the possible sentence i will said "awk, sy mntk maaf sgala slh slp sy kat awk..maaf jgk sbb sy kte sy blh nk hlangkan cnta sy utk awk dr hti sy, tp sbnr ny tak..bkurang myb, tp sy xmmpu nk lupuskan semua..benar jodoh kt takde d dunia..dh dtentukan umur sy tak doakan awk jmp 'bidadari' awk..kt xdpt bsama d dunia n..doakan sy bakal d ltk kan bsama golongan org mukmin..klw blh, bacakan lah yaasiin utk sy ye..smoga awk sntiasa bahagia"
6. call my best buddy..he did a lot for me..he gives me strength whenever i needed..always all-ears and being a good listeners and advisor..
7. call tok mak and tok bah..i miss them so much..ask for their forgiveness too because i've been such a naughty granddaugther..
8. try to solve all my debts if i got the money..if not, i will write a will and 'amanahkan' my closest friend here, syue and noni to settle it after the allowances come into my account..
9. send all my clothes and stuff to malaysia so that my sisters can use them without wasting it here..and some of the stuff will goes to 'kanak-kanak miskin' (poor children) in Malaysia..
10. mandi wajib in hope i will die in a clean condition and read the al-Quran which i've been left for a very long time.

goosebumps when im writing this entry..i hope Allah still gives me more times to live my life..i've been bad..i did a lot of sins..give me chance ya Allah to be a better person..and if, if you want to take away my soul, please let me hug my mama, abah, angah, uda, k.chik, kakak, tok mak n tok bah 1st for the last time..

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