Wednesday, January 6, 2010

something from someone...

date:27 marz,2009
time:0340 hrs

no,i cannot waste another minute of my life..
no,i cannot live to waste my potentials..
no,i cannot let my potentials be demolished by my foolish actions..
no,i cannot act like i have nothing to lose..
no,i cannot lose to my twisted-wrong-desires..
....whispers of evil,these desires are!!

these desires are pulling me down ruthlessly..
down to where i cannot bear to stand alive,
to live in bitterness,to have nothing to hold to..
down to where i cannot turn the clock around,
to live in remorse,to lament of yesterdays..
to where disappointment undertake oneself..
....ohh,would then i wished i done something significant!!

yes,God,guide me..
be my guidance..
yes,strength, provoke me..
be my trigger..
yes,will,persuade me..
be my influence..
yes,pressure,drive me..
be my force..
yes,concentration,accompany me..
be my companion..
answer me,,
....please,i am pleading!!

i am halfway of the path,,watching away..
i am off the lines,,somewhere along the way..
i am not turning my head around,,back away..
i am waking up,,spending my heart away..
either force-forward..
either pace-forward..
i am embarking my mark on the future..
blew it away,blew it away!!

~~to someone who wrote me dis lovely poem..thank u very much..i really love d words in means a lot to me..those words r like d words dat existed in me..seems wat i have in my heart come out through u..sowy to dat someone i didnt tell u i put ur poem here in my blog..i love it so much until im afraid i'll lose i want to keep it will remain remind me to be strong in wateva inspire me wheneva im sad or down..coz it is something dat i feel in life..

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