Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my fav poem from someone..(lg..)

Shut up and go to bed
Put the pillow under your head
Shut up and say goodnight
Say your prayers and turn off the light
shut up coz u talk too much
hears out my lullaby and sleep tight.
allthough we are apart,
you're always the one within my heart.

you sang today,
hangout all day,
make up your day.
sleep now with peace in mind,
dream garden sweet of mine.
rhythm and hymph beats in synchronise.
lay down your head dear,
may we be friends forever.

anda mampu mengubahnye,
mandi jangan lame-lame,
rindu saye dibuatnye.
baru dicoret sahaje,
macam sedap rasenye,
harap awak suke.

the waters will rise,and you wont be surprise,
it's grey sky much better that way,reminds you that this time is so cool.

lay down now,sweet and low girl
close your eyes,sweet and low girl
and i will carry you home,
it's like dream you see,if the world is right
i'll sing all night and be there when you wake up
just lean your head back, take yourself to dreamland.

close your eyes, close the door
you don't have to worry any more
i want you to sleep tight baby
shut the light and shut the shade
you don't have to be afraid no more
sail away and sleep tight baby

u put me on a line
and homely out to sleep
oh baby u shud take a break
try to put it all aside
and i cud write a song
a thousand miles long
well thats where i belong
and u should go to sleep.

juliet scarlet letter
thou romeo 's here
romeo loves juliet
as painted forever
scarlet and violet
inevitable perfectly together
fold thou eyelids juliet
upon romeo 's lips
trace thou cheek sweet
for romeo whispers
sleep well my love.

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