Monday, February 2, 2009

cuti-cuti malaysia part 3

this time locatian is teluk godek beach resort at mersing, just like a family-day vacation..about 7 families, 6 cars, and around 30 people from my mom's side gathered..this kind of activity is just like an annual activity that we did together..

this boy name is carl zahin muzaffar @ being called as carl bajang (dont know where's the 'bajang' came from)..he is handsome and cute baby boy just like 'anak mat salleh' according to my grandma..but, behind all the cuteness, he's afraid of water ( especially in a large of quantity) and he feels 'geli' to step on the sand without his shoes..

these kids love to play around with anything that they can play..and today is your independence all the way that you want,kids..

these four mak dara also having their independence day from their houseworks and children..but still keep calling and shouting "jgn g jauh2..","tgok adik","naik mkn!!!",etc...moms are always like that..caring in whatever,whenever situation..

these are the models of the year for teluk godek beach resort in 'other' version of models..natural looks and inner beauty.."big is beautiful" is their favourite..huhuhu..and for your information, these anak daras age are around 15-16 only and still me if intrested in any of them..hehehe..from right : fatin (green), hidayah (maroon), nadiah (blue), and atiqah (red)..

pity me..tak dilayan ktka pggambaran dijalankan..huhuhu

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