Monday, January 12, 2009

is dis life??

story 1

on 2nd January 2009, i went to my mom's school to help her at KOPERASI SDAHA during d registration day form 1..i was in charge d registration for ex-student SK Bandar Pontian ( my primary school )..everything was ok..but around 1pm when we were ready to close the kaunter, there's a makcik came to me and said,"dik..akak nk beli brg keperluan asas je dulu..boleh x??" as usual i told her dat we already packaged all d needs for d students in one, including their formal sports attire, name tag, books, files, and headcount book ( or also called as buku penilaian markah ). but,this is her reply which touched me deep inside and made me realized something about life.."dik,akak bwk rm50 je utk daftar kan ank akak n..2 je la yg ayh dia bg sbb akak ada 8 owg lg bg sekolah..sowg dpt rm50 je" to pay rm 120.10 fee with rm50 only??i felt bad coz i cant help her..thank God the Koperasi have 'dana' to help those people like this..somehow, it make me think more bout life..i will never,never forget the situation..just like what my mom said,"u just found 1 today..later,when u bcome a teacher there will be more than u expect u will find n meet.." i wish i can help those people like this..but,d big question is,CAN I HELP THEM??HOW??

story 2

as i told before, my grandpa is ill and has been warded for 2-3 weeks..n i've been 'nursing' him almost of d time..opps!!at d 1st time i need 2 change his diapers, i was shivering..i just couldnt believe myself doing it..a lot n a lot of things i learnt from those moment..during dis time, chirldren r very important 2 b with their old parents..n a saying said dat parents can take care of 10 children but when they r getting older,10 children cant sure that they can take care of their parents..God,please dont let me b a child who 4get my parents when they need me to take care of them..

story 3

there's a fwen of mine, Hanz ( bukan nama sebenar ) is a boy,( or can i say a guy??)..a good looking guy..his parents went to perform their haj..he left with his sisters..but,he impressed me because i think he did his best..n i think it's not too much if i say dat he is a very responsible man..even he needed to go to pasar n bought some groceries just like a woman always do..he's willing to drop his ego to do all d houseworks bcoz he knew his responsibilities..Hanz, for me u r a real man, not only a good looking guy..but also a good boy (even sometimes u r naughty)..

i hope who ever read dis can get d message dat i want to say even im writing with a lot of grammatical errors..

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