Sunday, August 9, 2009

as i promised..

as i promised nk letak gmbr mse g genting highlands ngn my fwenz hr 2..these are some of d pictures taken there..

announcing the arrival of dato'-dato' and datin-datin from ipgm kpp..

posing ngn maskot jap..actually,msing2 tcbar n mencabar kechumelan maskot tsebut..huhuhu..

i dont know where they got the guts to play dis one..gosh!!give me one thousand but i dont want to go up there..

hehehe..mereka yg sdh mggil kaki pas nek pirate ship..

last2, yg n je la yg kaber ngn noni nek..gajah pusing2..hehehe...

yg n kat switzerland..

yg n gmbr mse kat korea..hehehehe...

yg n lak kat disneyland..hehehe..

yg n lak kat antartika..

kanak2 yang keriangan sbb dpt masuk chocolate wonderland..

ala2 cter 'charlie & the chocolate factory' konon ny...

ada owg kebulur chocolate nmpk, this will happen if eat too much choco..u will addicted to it..

"cyg..ltey r..nek bilik jom.."

dpt ank g genting..hehehe..dpt byk lg anak,tp smpn..

genting highlands..kota of entertainment..give us a thousand memories..

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