Thursday, March 26, 2009

dis is a sin...

huh..tensed!!! -_-

today's presentation was s***..hate to say it, but dat's it..aiiyo..mdm temperature, could u please..........
duhh..if i want to complete dat phrase to become a sentence, i dont think it will bcme a sentence, but sentences..wat i want to say here is, u r nonsense n no sense at all..neva think of other people's feelings..neva appreciate people's efforts..neva2x have d intention to understand ur students..u just think bout urself n wat do u think n feel,..or should i say dat d most appropriate word for u is EGOCENTRIC??sure u can understand d meaning of it r8??oowh..i forgot dat u r d BEST teacher ever n u r r8 all d time..n we should understand dat women around ur age have mood swing coz of d PMS..not menstrual, but d other word dat start wih M and end with S..would not state here coz it's a senctif issue r8 for women l8 u..huhuhu..sowy..duhh..

opps.. m i over d limit as a student??gosh..5weeks more to EXAM..sowy..but i just cant stand d stress dat u gave me from d first presentation..i also have my limit, u c..i m a human..

to PD n Bahijah, thank u very3 much guys..n million of apologies i beg 2 u 2 bcoz i was over d limit during d presentation..especially to PD..

to miss temperature, sowy coz i 'mgutuk' u here..if u can read dis, u can fail@penalise me r8??[opps..cabul mulut..hope dat u wont find dis till im dead..if not,i'll die bcoz of u..die la..die la..huhuhu]but just want u 2 know dat dis is wat ur students think..myb not all..some..including me..


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