Friday, November 21, 2008

it's my family...

let me introduce my family first..from dis pic,standing at the back from left is me~nisya,my bro~amir@angah, my younger sis~hidayah@uda, sit in the middle are my lovely dad and mom, and the cutest in the front is my youngest sister and in front of my mom is the third daughter..
emm..wat should i say bout my family mom and my dad are teachers and i am a future teacher. still remember 1 of the question been asked by 1 of the bpg interviewers.."dont u think dat ur family have too many teachers already??" and my answer is "no,because i dont think it's a sin to have many teachers in a's not a tradition,but it's about passion"huhuhu..and my mom said that the answer is 'too brave' n too it?? what ever it is,my parent is my inspiration..
my bro??he is a student at gmi now..german malaysian institute..yaa..i should admit he is a clever and hardworking boy..he's more matured than me u know..he is a good friend whenever i have problems..he also a good listener whenever i feel bad..emm..he is my boy and my best friend..
opps!!need to go now..coz i need to help my dad in organizing rugby,need to go to finish up the forms for tomorrow..

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